Variable Spark Ignition (VSI)


  • A continuous spark with variable duration and controllable energy released into the combustion chamber.
  • Multi-sparks, with controllable duration between sparks (10us or longer), and controllable duration and energy of each spark.
  • Obtaining the optimum spark to different engine conditions in order to achieve good combustion stability and minimum sparkplug wear, utilising a unique closed loop feedback system.
  • Power delivered can be as high as 1 Joule per millisecond, with a maximum energy of 1 Joule per cycle.
  • All the above contained in enclosures similar in size and cost than conventional systems.
  • Enclosure acts as a Faraday cage, which minimise RFI emissions.
  • The systems appear to be smaller than new systems currently in development.
  • Compatible with current engine architecture (Plug & play).

VSI Specifications